Intellectual Property Right is extremely important to every company. How you protect your IP right and how you use your IP right can greatly influence the growth and development of your company.

It has indeed been a great pleasure involving in the IP business and working for our client to serve their needs the best we can.

Most importantly, we are here to help our clients obtain patent protection throughout the world. But, we are also committed to help our clients conceive new and fresh ideas and develop great inventions. Certainly, while inventors and staff in the IP department both play an important role in creating new invention, we have also been using our best endeavor to give our clients all possible advice and support so that they can conceive a good idea.

We are also actively involved in conducting patent search because patent search can be of considerable significance in research development, in the process of obtaining patent protection, and in patent infringement case etc. The result of the patent search can affect the tendency of development, and based on this result, we can consequently determine the scope of the invention of a patent application, grounds for patent opposition, grounds for patent invalidation trial etc.

Moreover, when drafting a patent application, we always dedicate all our effort to enhance the quality of an invention our clients achieved and to propose different and broader aspect of the invention to our clients. It is also vital to have a discussion directly with the inventors who conceived the idea to have a better understanding of the invention and ensure our clients to receive the desired scope of protection. Certainly, in order to do so, we require certain knowledge to understand the technical field of the invention.

Thus, drafting a patent application, conducting a patent search etc., all phases are closely linked with each other, and quality of each work phase can be improved when all the above-phases can be implemented consistently.

Meanwhile, in this age of rapid globalization, it is important that we provide high quality and distinctive products and services in the global market. And trademark which can serve as an identity, an assurance or advertising to the customer has become more and more important. Many great products and services are protected under the brand name with high economic value across the world. Every company has been strategically using trademark, and especially, when company intends to expand their business globally, trademark protection can be of great importance.

We use best endeavor to provide our client with best trademark services and to serve the needs of our client. We are here to assist our client identify proper goods and services before applying for trademark registration and in this way, you can effectively obtain trademark protection and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

We always strive to understand and meet our client’s need to the greatest extent possible. We sincerely hope we can be of any assistance to you to further develop your business through the Intellectual Property.

Patent Attorney
SANO & Associates, International Patent Firm

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