1) Our patent services cover wide range of technical area. We are highly specialized in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering. Our attorneys and technical experts are well experienced and come from various technological backgrounds. The internal network allows us to establish good communication and cooperative relationship and to share knowledge between each other.

2) We are also experts in trademark matter. Before applying for trademark registration, you need to identify the goods and services to which you will actually use the trademark for and we are here to assist you in making a proper decision. Once the application is filed, the application goes through an examination process and when it passes the examination, your trademark is registered. Your trademark registration will give you an exclusive right to use the trademark and to protect your trademark from infringement.

3) We also put emphasis on IP search. When launching a new business, it is important that you check and find out whether you are likely to infringe other people’s IP rights by conducting a preliminary search. When starting a new research and development, it is important that you check whether the new art in question has not yet applied for a patent to minimize the risk of filing application having same subject matter or the risk of conducting the same experiment. Prior art search is also indispensable for invalidating defective patent.

4) We act on behalf of medium and small sized companies to assist and support small businesses.

5) We work globally. Not only we represent Japanese companies, we also work for foreign clients. We handle PCT applications and International Trademark registrations based on Madrid Protocol.

6) We form partnership with several law firms which makes us available to deal expeditiously and adequately with litigation matter.

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